Monday, March 21, 2011

Merewether Beach on a beautiful morning

Last Monday morning at 6.30am I walked down to Merewether Beach, Newcastle to take some early morning pics. Warning : I got a little carried away...

It was a stunning morning on a beautiful beach.

The pic below is looking north towards the city centre.

If you look closely above you will see the big ocean ship waiting on the horizon to go into dock to load up with coal. I counted 10 ships on the horizon that day.

This is Merewether Ocean Baths. It is the largest ocean bath in the Southern Hemisphere.
It was drained for cleaning on this day but I loved the time and weather worn look of it.

That's the cute little pump house (above) and the Art Deco bath house (below).

One of my fave pics above :)

I felt so thrilled to see it looking so beautiful as just the next day it was grey and overcast.
It was so beautiful I might just have to post a few more pics later...
can you blame me?
I hope you all have a great week. I'm off to the dentist so that's not the best start!
Take care xx


  1. Have a ton of fun at the dentist....NOT :)

    Stunning, stunning, stunning pics. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Pam x

  2. Love your photos- what sort of camera did you take them with?
    Good luck at the dentsit!

  3. Sarah these are devine!! Something so iconically Australian about them in a romantic way not a "crikey mate" way, if you know what I mean. I would love to see more. You really captured the serenity of the place. Hope the dentist is okay. cheers Katherine

  4. Your photos of the beach are gorgeous. We were last there about 6 months ago and we also took lots of photos. It is a beautiful spot. xx

  5. Gorgeous! Each picture just kept getting better and better. You have quite the talent!

  6. I love this suburb, I visited there a few years ago, we stayed at Noahs but took the trip there and had lunch at the pub. Loved it.

  7. What lovely photos - the ocean baths must be amazing there. Hope all goes ok at the dentist :)

  8. What a glorious spot Sarah. I love the old fashioned bath house. xx

  9. Thank you! I'll definitely post some home photos soon. Btw... I'm having a giveaway tomorrow. Just to let you know... :)

  10. Great photos - i love how they look kind of aged - the palce looks full of history and nostalgia
    Glad you like the hearts - yes Logan flaked out pretty quick when we got back, but after an hour or two he was racing madly around the house and garden - he has so much energy for a littley!
    have a great day!
    Gill x

  11. Multi-talented, aren't you? Your pictures are just amazing. Rachaelxx

  12. I love these images.. I swam there with my children and we have such happy memories.... thanks for rekindling them! x

  13. Thanks again for the memories, i used to live at Merewether beach, a long, long time ago.

  14. Wouldn't say you got carried away. Acting just normally, just like anyone would at the beach with a cool camera.
    Love looking at all the pictures. Glad you shared so many of them.


  15. Gorgeous photos! Lovely beautiful spot I'd love to visit.

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