Monday, March 7, 2011

Little pretties

After the hideousness of my last post I thought I should post something pretty.

These are some of my recent vintage purchases.
The beautiful glass heart buttons came from Etsy. They're foil-backed, made in Germany just following the war. When the first card came in the post I was so surprised at their beauty I had to order another!

Also from the same seller (Bumbershoot Designs) came these tiny glass flower buttons you can see above.

So beautiful!

I went to Glenorchy Market on Sunday and amongst all the trashy stalls I found one that had really interesting things. Lots of vintage fabrics, kitchenalia and mid-century designs. I found this little teapot, made in England, that so reminds me of one my sister and I used when we were little and had tea parties. It was only $5  :)

Another bargain is the silk fabric they're all placed on. It's lovely and thick with a floral self-print and was only $10 a metre!! When I bought it I planned on making a teacosy but have just been too slack. I really do need a little project so should commit to it :)


  1. Oh I haven't been to a market, with lots of trashy stalls and vintage bargain treasures for ages ... love your new teapot : and those sweet buttons are very tempting too :)

  2. Your pictures made my heart sing! I love love love those buttons and that tea pot is just like one I had when I was little too! I adore that shiny silver and the pretty pattern engraved on the teapot! (I can also imagine it full of some of your gorgeous flowers!) You are lucky to find a good market, up here they can be a bit hard to find! X

  3. Those hearts are so beautiful Sarah, I'm wondering what lovely things you are going to make with them! Is the glenorchy market the one at the showgrounds? I will have to start looking at markets again after my trip there are clearly some good finds around.

  4. I so understand your love for those buttons.
    I have wasted many good hours sighing over a special button. They are Devine. Do you intend to use them in one if your beautiful creations? They look lovely just as you have them displayed.

  5. Lovely tings darling......lovely new week ! love

  6. They are so lovely Sarah! And don't they photograph beautifully together. xx

  7. Those hearts buttons are beautiful Sarah - amazing to think they're over 50 years old. The little flower ones are very sweet.
    I remember my Granny having a teapot just like that!
    You've made a great photo of all your goodies together - the fabric looks lovely.
    Hope the apple cake turned out as good as it sounded.My work space leaves an awful lot to be desired as I'm lacking storage, still have stuff in boxes from moving - cant find all my trims and buttons! But I am just happy to now have a "room of my own".Hope you get your space how you want it.
    Bedtime here - guess you're just getting up!
    Have a great day Sarah - thanks for being a blogging friend!

  8. Markets can be such fun and I haven't been to one in ages either. Must do that... I love your treasures very pretty. ;-)

  9. Gorgeous photos! I adore the teapot.

  10. The buttons are gorgeous! Do you have plans to use them? , I think they are lovely how they are. Nice little finds at the market too! x

  11. Very pretty. I love those buttons. Can't wait to see how you use them!


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