Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinosaur Designs and Ikea goodies

I have been very slow with this post, but finally, here are the little goodies I acquired from the Dinosaur Designs Extinct store.
I resisted all the jewellery to buy a small resin plate, bowl and vase to go with the blue vase I picked up recently.

I think they're lovely, especially when the sun shines through them.

You might remember I had a quick stopover in Melbourne. I took the chance to run into Ikea for a  very quick looksee. I was hoping to pick up some more Ribba square frames but they didn't have any!
I had only about half an hour in store (how cruel). Given I also had very limited space in which to pack anything I purchased I decided on these three vases.

Those two larger ones were only $2.99 each! How crazy is that? Of course if you add in the cost of the shuttle bus to and from the airport, baggage storage and tram fare, they cost a lot more than $2.99.
Oh well.
Can you see a bit of a colour theme? I just can't help myself when it comes to blue glass. Blue anything for that matter.
ps. thinking I should have ironed my old tablecloth...


  1. I didn't notice the tablecloth until you mentioned it!

    I love the DD things ... how will you use the bowl? I once read a magazine article about an Australian living in Amsterdam, and everytime she returned to Australia she bought a couple more pieces of DD crockery. She used the bowls everyday for breakfast and the plates for lunch etc. That would be my ultimate dream! Enough.

  2. So jealous of the Dinosaur Design goodies ha, just so wonderful! I love how you have captured them with the sun shining in on them. They look so dreamy. Who looked after Molly while you were gone? I bet she missed you, xx Katherine

  3. Those resin pieces look so tactile. I'm very envious :)

  4. Those DD pieces are great. And I'm a sucker for any art glass, so the ikea buys are right up my alley too. I'm loving the blue green theme. xx

  5. Like those colors!! happy week darling......xxx...

  6. Love all those blue and greens - wonderful buys!

  7. I'm a little excited for you. YES, I do see a color theme.
    I just love the colors. Hope you have a nice place to display them.
    Half an hour??? That IS cruel, but I think you did the best of the time. Hate when they are out of stock of the items that I came for.
    Nowadays I usually check stock online before I go.
    The Dinosaur vases and bowls are gorgeous. From the pictures, they almost look a little sea glass:y.

    Thanks so much for the camera tip. I will try that.


  8. They're lovely. I plan all my trips to Melbourne with a special trip to Ikea, I can always find something I just have to get! ;)

  9. Those are all so pretty. Love the color combinations.

  10. Love the color combo! Ikea is a great place :)

  11. That blue is just gorgeous! I love Dinosaur Designs too! X

  12. Those Dinosaur Designs treasures are just lovely aren't they. I certainly find it hard to resist a wee purchase whenever the chance arises! Can't wait to see these popping up in your photos with your flowers. xx

  13. It all looks so gorgeous, I love blue glass, it reminds me of summers at the Jersey shore at my friends house - her family collected beautiful beach glass and my faves were always the blues and greens. One summer they rented the house and someone ended up stealing the whole jar!! so sad...I LOVE IKEA too!!

  14. They're all gorgeous. I see a theme developing here. I would like and use all of these, as also a big blue fan.
    Half an hour in IKEA really is cruel!

  15. Ah, Sarah! You know blue and green are my faves - how delectable! I must visit DDE when next in Sydney. And let's so not talk about IKEA's absence in Hobart...J x

  16. They are all lovely but you have to love good old Ikea for value!

  17. All so lovely and I adore the color theme, you have me wanting to go to Ikea now! Lovely day to you Sweet Friend!!


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