Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Planes, trains and automobiles...

I've been AWOL again :)
Any guesses where I might have been?

Pretty easy to tell, but I went to Newcastle and Sydney over the weekend.
In fact it was a bit of a wild tour as I flew from Hobart to Sydney, took the train to Newcastle, drove back to Sydney (with Lyn), drove back up to Newcastle, took the plane to Melbourne with a couple of hours stopover to catch the bus and tram into IKEA and then fly back to Hobart. All in five days!
I'm pooped.
So, this is just a warning, many MANY pics to come!
Oh my, isn't it wet in Hobart today? I hope our ancient, holey, rusty roof holds out!!
ps was pouring in Sydney when I took that pic. Thankfully the next day it was sunny and beautiful.


  1. Great photos! Did you go crazy at Ikea? Was it you wanting photo frames from there? I get excited going to Ikea and it's only 40 minutes away!

    What a action-packed five days, no wonder you're exhausted. Molly must have missed you.

  2. I'm so delighted you and Lyn finally had some time together again. And do tell what you bought at IKEA! J x

    PS Hey Carmel It was me wanting them but Sarah probably was on the hunt, too as a fellow IKEA-starved Hobartian!

  3. Oh my I am exhausted just reading your hectic schedule! Looking forward to your pics as always Sarah. xx

  4. What a whirl wind! I hope to see your Ikea treasures in future posts. Sounds like it was fun though... ;-)

  5. Wow sounds like a whirlwind Sarah. Look forward to the pictures! :-)

  6. Newcastle's my home town and I think you've been there more than me lately! What did you get huh?

  7. You busy girl!! Buy anything at Ikea?


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