Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter wishes + a sweet childhood memory

Hello friends, wishing you all a very happy Easter, whatever it means for you.

Whoops, one egg didn't survive. It was very cracked so I thought it best to eat it.

So, my little Easter memory...
When my sister and I were very young we went with my parents to visit some of their friends who lived in a timber cottage in the forest just outside of Hobart. They had a toilet in an old phone box and their bath was outside, over a fire. There was a stream flowing by the house.
Rachael and I decided to go exploring and couldn't believe our eyes when we found a trail of Easter eggs! We collected as many as we could find and ran excitedly back to the house to be told that they were in fact hidden for the children who lived in the house. We were devastated as we seriously thought the Easter bunny had left them for us. We were told to return them and I have to admit, they went back in a very haphazard manner. For memory, we were so upset we threw quite a few of them! Do you remember that Rachael?

Keep safe everyone :)


  1. Ha! The rebellious egg throw! How disappointing for you ... adults can be such killjoys sometimes.

  2. what a disappointment, i would have thrown quite a few. didn't you get to keep any of them?

  3. I hope you didn't go back there again! That was mean. You eat as many as you like this year won't you :)

  4. WHat a funny memory!! :) We have a bowl of eggs like yours above to hide in the garden for Grace but we'll have to keep Asha inside so she doesn't get to them first I think :) Wishing you a wonderful Easter too Sarah, I'm hoping to email you over the break xx

  5. LOL that's terrible! I say finders keepers! :) Happy Easter.

  6. So love a good Easter Egg hunt, mine 4 are having a very small hunt for Sunday, they asked if they could only have Lindt eggs & bunnies, yes, pricey so their Easter bunny is going for quality over quantity. Love Posie

  7. Oh no! I hope you at least ate some! Have a wonderful Easter! X

  8. Happy sunny easter weekend love Ria......hugs for

  9. That's so funny, well now anyway. My best easter tale. I shared a room with one of my sisters, one year she unwrapped all her easter chocolate (we used to get an awful lot) and broke it up and put it in an ice-cream bucket near the door. Every time I left our room I took a little bit, as I was certain she wouldn't notice. Sadly I must have exited our room too many times and Al noticed. She was really angry with me, and still reminds me of it 20 years later!!

  10. happy happy easter to you lovely sarah.......
    i loved hearing your childhood memory, and i think i would of done the same thing.......
    one of my memories, was me and my relative renee were bought an easter egg, she quickly ate her's and i decided i would save mine till later {as i do with chocolate} and on the way home my mum made me share it with all my cuzzies {6 other children} including renee who had eaten hers.........
    such a great post would you mind if i did one and linked it back to here??????? loving the whole childhood memory TOO COOL
    big smooch lisa xx

  11. That's so sad! They should have let you keep at least some of them, what a terrible thing to do to a child! Rachaelxx

  12. Oh dear, a little bitter sweet....wishing you a wonderful Easter.. Kym X

  13. Oh that is just awful. You poor darlings. But in the moment of finding them it must have been so magical. Happy happy Easter Sarah, I hope you have a lovely day....maybe you could set up a egg hunt in your wonderful garden for your sister ha xxx katherine

  14. That is so sad - you think they would've let you keep some! How disapointed you both must have felt, and miffed!
    Hope you have lots of happier easter memories too,and I hope you have a great Easter this year Sarah!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!
    Gill xx

  15. Such a traumatic memory would stick with me too.
    Poor children!
    Agree that broken candy has to be eaten.
    Have the same policy here.


  16. He he love the story. I can imagine the disappointment when you found out about who the eggs were for :( and think perhaps I would have returned them in a similar manner. Their home sounds so wonderful though, a little bit magical x

  17. Such a sweet and funny memory...I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    Thank you so much for your words of comfort for my dear Toby. I have cried buckets of tears these last few days, but it is the comfort of sweet friends like you that hold me up during this difficult time...I can't thank you enough.

    P.S. I love your header photo...adorable!


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