Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taronga Zoo visit

No mini-break to Sydney is complete without a trip to Taronga Zoo.
After the miserable weather the evening before, we were delighted to see clear, sunny skies for our trip to the zoo.

Here's Lyndon, the man of mystery in the chairlift.

What a stunning view.

Look, there's an elephant below!

The giraffes are one of my favourites.

But I think the elephants are my absolute favourites.

They had just been fed and were close to where we stood. There were three youngsters at varying ages. The smallest, Tukta was born in November 2010. I honestly believe that the zoo keepers who get to work with these animals have the best job EVER.

Look in the water, there's little Pathi Harn. He was playing with a toy in the water. That little guy is adorable beyond all belief. I could have watched him (and the others) for a long, long time.

Dodgy pic, but there's the lions.

And a stunning snow leopard. These are under threat of extinction due to hunters poaching them for their incredibly soft, spotty tail. I have to say, the tail was impressive, but much nicer attached to an alive animal me thinks. Why do humans do these things?
We watched the bird flight show which was amazing - birds swooping low over the crowd's heads. It was so fascinating.
Then, back on the ferry to do some more exploring!


  1. Taronga Zoo looks like fun, i do wonder how they keep a snow leopard with no snow?!

    he does have a beautiful tail, x

  2. Love your zoo pics, Sarah :) I enjoy the elephants the most too....and the leopard....and the giraffes; heck, I just love all animals :)

  3. Love the pictures and has got me excited as hoping to visit later this year. Being a Melbourne girl love going to Sydeny for the Harbour and beaches. Will have to pay a visit to this great Zoo with a view. Gx

  4. Beautiful pictures....enjoy this happy sunny

  5. Taronga is a great day out. The elephant enclosure was my favourite when we visited many moons ago. They used to have an elephant that swayed...and it was the first time I'd ever seen an elephant. xx

  6. Hi, love all your photos.. we just travelled thru Sydney the other week, and did the same ferry/zoo trip! We all loved it too, the Giraffes were gorgeous and probably my fave, but we didn't go on the chair lift... looks so cool! The bird show was the best I have seen, so entertaining! Glad you had a great break...

  7. Look at that beautiful Giraffe!
    Nice photos.

  8. Gorgeous pics! How blue is that harbour!! I haven't been to Taronga zoo. I never manage to make it matter how often I'm in Sydney! I love the elephants too. And the giraffe pic is terrific!

  9. those baby elephants are just the best, so hilarious.

  10. We had a great trip out to the zoo a couple of years ago. I loved that cable car that takes you down to the ferry and then into the city past the Opera House. Good to see some photos of the place again.

  11. I love you photos of Taronga Sarah! They have a real 70s vibe for me... and bring back some happy childhood memories! If you get a chance could you please email me because I have a lovely pink adjustable rose ring I want to send you! X


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