Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding - my verdict

Well, it was great, wasn't it?

Molly was very impressed...

And no, of course I wasn't holding her favourite treat to make her pose nicely...

For any of you that might have missed it, I took some piccys off my ancient little tv. Hah ha!

Didn't you love the trees inside the abbey?
I went there about 12 years ago but I don't remember it being so vast.


Those beautiful horses!

Wasn't she so lovely and smiley?

And the kiss!!
I'd have liked it to be a bit more smoochy, but with 2.5 billion people watching... no pressure :)

My verdict?
Well, of course I loved it!
William and Harry  - so handsome!
Pippa the bridesmaid - gorgeous dress, very stylish
Kate - loved the McQueen, such a great choice. Loved the silhouette, loved the lace.
Loved the expressions on the choir boys' faces.
Posh - what a stunning, if not somewhat kooky hat, but she looked remarkably stylish
Princess Eugenie - seriously, did she look in a mirror? What was she thinking? I'm all for avant garde hats but her ensemble was a bit odd. :)
PM Julia Gillard - not a bad ensemble, despite wearing yet another cream jacket!
And for anyone watching the Australian broadcast...Edna Everedge - did she seem a little tipsy to you?
All in all, a great event.
Loved it!
Have a great weekend peeps :)


  1. I also loved it - the dress in particular. Oh my :) Magnificent!
    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Oh good debrief Sarah. Agreed with everything you wrote! xx

  3. Oh I loved Edna, she added a bit of fun, but she always seems tipsy these days ha. Laughed at your comment about Eugenie,I could hear her Grandmother saying...just like her mother..ha with a big eye roll too. I am a Katherine Elizabeth so it was strange hearing William say his I do's..sigh. Love what you did with the pics!! cheers katherine

  4. Molly looks fabulous in her celebration crown :)
    I also Loved every minute of the The Royal Wedding! William and Kate look so happy together.

  5. A fab post, Sarah. Yes, we enjoyed it on Planet Baby - the Brits sure know how to turn on the pomp and ceremony! J x

  6. Oh boy did the Middletons steal the show or what??!! Found it all pretty faultless, including the Beckhams, loved them, even if David did wear his KBE on the wrong side.
    Eugenie & Beatrice, who let them get into the panda makeup, really??
    Did you notice how glam the Princess Michael of Kent family mini bus looked, amazing!!
    Yay for weddings, i still love mine, 14 years later, including the man i married. Love Posie

  7. O yes !! it was great...i really enjoy it....happy

  8. Yes, I loved it too. Mind you if Molly had of been there looking so spiffing she might have stolen the show. I loved the dress and Pippa's everything really. sigh.

  9. hey i missed seeing Edna, re-run please! i loved Posh's hat, much better than most of the other hats there, esp Pr. Eug's, eek!
    A beautiful show, very fairy tale.

  10. I loved watching the wedding too. I adored her elegant dress, reminded me of Grace Kelly's whose dress I've always loved. I agree that the bridesmaid dress was equally stylish and as for Princess Eugenie's hat - I thought the same - why didn't someone tell her how ridiculous it looked??? :)

  11. I loved it too! And how adorable is Miss Molly?! Have a lovely Sunday sweets x

  12. Wasn't it just gorgeous?! Kate looked as a princess should, she looked stunningly, classically, beautiful and William's reaction to seeing her was perfect! It is a fairytale come true! I hope they live happily ever after! X

  13. Hi Sarah,

    I loved every bit of it too. Have a great week. Emma.

  14. I am with you.. it was simply stunning. I loved it and I am wishing them the best!!

  15. I agree, it was fantastic! I missed Dame Edna - I love her (him!) - the dress was gorgeous and they just seem to be so simpatico! Can't wait to see their lives unfold...we'll be watching!!

  16. So beautiful and great to see Molly loved it too....Ax

  17. Love the pics Sarah. Loved the trees in the abbey added a very personal and modern twist.

    Pam x


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