Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday flowers...white and blue

The iceberg roses keep on flowering but soon it will be time to prune them all for winter.
This week I have a bunch in my little turquoise glass carafe. Such a lovely colour in the sun.
I lost these pics while downloading them and whilst on the search in all my folders I realised I had taken (and posted) very similar pics of icebergs in mum's old lidless sugar jar. No surprise to me that I keep coming back to blue and white. It's the most perfect and timeless combination me thinks.
I wonder if my love for blue and white could be a genetic thing? Mum collected blue and white china, my sister also has a collection and many of you will remember my Spode Blue Italian china. But then, who doesn't like blue and white?
Anyway, have a great Friday bloggies. Hopefully you have something nice planned for the weekend. Me, I have to work. Oh well. You guys have enough fun for both of us :)
ps about time my china birdies were freed from the glass dome. They'll be gagging for fresh air. What to display in it next though...


  1. Beautiful shots. I love that bluey green vaze with white.

  2. Amazing - I really enjoy your friday flowers :) Have a great weekend.

  3. Yes blue and white is a great combo, and I'm a fan. Beautiful shots!

  4. Oh, yes, Sarah, blue and white is timeless. I'm a huge fan, too! J x

  5. Gorgeous shots. Blue and white is definately a favourite of mine. Loving your birdies.
    Have a great weekend Sarah.
    Pam x

  6. I'm a huge fan of blue and white too :) Our icebergs are looking a bit scorched from the intense heat we're still having. Hope your weekend at work goes ok x

  7. I love blue and white, so fresh and pretty.

  8. I alway adore your photos and these with the blue and white colours are so gorgeous! Plus Icebergs always grow well for me so they are a favourite! X

  9. Just lovely. Love blue and white too. Hope you have a nice weekend despite working!

  10. Lovely photos - love ht ewhite against the turquoise.
    I bought a very similar but taller turquoise glass vase a few weeks back, put some gorgeous red carnations in it (which lasted weeks!), then when I went to pick it up to throw the water and flowers away the top came away in my hand - it had completley broken in two! Was so disapointed as the glass was such a beautiful colour - couldn't be bothered to try and take it back to the shop though, broken glass is a bit awkward!
    Just checked out your etsy shop, love the flower photos, they're fab!
    Gill x


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