Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinosaur Designs Extinct store visit

Last Friday I flew into Sydney and before I caught the train up to Newcastle I visited the Dinosaur Designs samples and seconds store called Extinct.

It was exciting. The colour was overwhelming. Look at all those bangles!

Shelves upon shelves of resiny goodness.

Necklaces galore...

It is a small store but when I was there it was filled with enthusiastic shoppers.
I was one of them :)

The prices were great, starting at $35 for rings. I found the prices of the homewares to be about half of what they are in the retail stores. Exciting!!

I treated myself to a few little pieces in the blue/green range thanks to my lovely Great Auntie Ila who gave me some spending money. I haven't taken a piccy of them yet as the light has been so crappy here due to the hideous weather. Sorry :) I will do it soon though.
So, I would highly recommend a visit here.
Up next, more Newcastle sights...
ps A couple of you mentioned catching up when I was in Sydney next. I would have absolutely loved to have caught up with my Sydney bloggy friends but knew I only had a really limited time. Hopefully next time I get back up there.
pps. a few of you also asked about my IKEA shopping. They didn't have the frames I wanted so I had to treat myself to a couple of little inexpensive trinkets. Nothing too exciting. A post coming though ...


  1. Oh my, I would have died and gone to heaven! Love Dinosaur Designs.

  2. Oh I would love each and every one of those necklaces! Look forward to seeing your goodies soon.

  3. Oh just like a treasure trove. Hope you had plenty of cash.

  4. Oh wow. Good on Aunty Ila! I would love to see that shop one day. xx

  5. Did they have two pairs of my earrings? I sent them via Australia Post about three weeks ago to be fixed and haven't heard anything!

    Thanks for reminding me ... they were probably tossed into the 'extinct' bargain bin!

  6. Why have I not heard about this shop before?! Would love to go here xx

  7. Ah, thanks for these photos, Sarah - definitely something to see when we finally make it back to Sydney for a visit. That's a shame about IKEA. Sigh. J x

  8. I love Dinosaur Designs.....I have a friend who has recently got into making resin jewellery and they're just absolutely gorgeous pieces too.

    Loving the photo below of the Sydney Opera House......fantastic xo

  9. i just knew you'd treat yourself to some blue/green when i was reading. how fabulous.

  10. I'm with you, those blue ones are great. I will have to try and visit them one day.

  11. So many beautiful the necklaces on the first pic.
    Have a lovely weekend, Sarah :)


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