Monday, April 18, 2011

Sydney from the water

Catching the ferries around Sydney Harbour has to be one of the best activities to do in Sydney, especially when you have a nice sunny day to enjoy. I like the different perspective you get on the sights.

That would be the Sydney Opera House.

Here's Luna Park.  I'd have liked a ride on the ferris wheel, but we just didn't have the time.

And of course the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I'd never sailed under it before so that was great.

We could see people doing a Bridge Climb. Have any of you ever done it? It looks like a lot of fun.
Well, the Sydney mini-break is almost over...


  1. It's so much fun isn't it, the geography's amazing! Lovely photos of the opera house. I can't believe after 6 years living here but I haven't done the bridge climb yet!

  2. Oh, Sarah, you're killing me! Gee, I miss the ferries - the best part of Sydney. So pleased you're enjoying yourself. J x

  3. These are the best photos of Sydney I have ever seen. Just stunning Sarah.
    Pam x

  4. Love your photos and love Sydney - I enjoy riding on the ferry and taking in all the gorgeous sites and surroundings too. We haven't done the bridge climb but Paul's cousin did it and said it was an amazing experience.

  5. I love your pics of my beautiful hometown Sarah!
    Just gorgeous! I'm afraid of heights so I would never do the bridge climb. But I used to walk to work across the bridge when we lived in Kirribilli (which is right near Luna Park).
    Glad you're having a great time,

  6. I love a cruise on the water and always try to jump on a ferrie when ever we visit Sydney. Can't say I'd be as keen to do the bridge climb though. ;-)

  7. Sounds like you're having a fabulous time. Seeing Sydney from the water is really the best way to appreciate how lovely it is isn't it?
    Amanda xx

  8. Fabulous! what great photos! what a treat, have a great week!

  9. Really enjoying your trip to Sydney Sarah. I haven't done the Brdge Climb but my in laws did the Brisbane equivalent and enjoyed it and got some spectacular photos.

  10. amazing in blue

  11. Great to see these photos of Sydney - the Opera House looks amazing - thanks for sharing them!
    Gill xx


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