Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday flowers

Some lovely Iceberg blooms from my front yard first thing this morning.

It seems a little early in the year for Earlicheer, but it's out in the garden here amongst the salvia.

I also have an 'eggs and bacon' as well. Are these called eggs and bacon, or is that just the orangey ones?
Either way, it smells amazing!

Happy Friday peeps and Happy Royal Wedding day too. I need to get my tiara organised for this evening's tv viewing. History in the making :)
Take care xx


  1. Those last ones look just like pretty fried eggs!
    It must be wonderful to have such a selection of flowers in your own garden.
    Enjoy the wedding viewing this evening.

  2. Beautiful flower!!,,,and a happy wedding day love

  3. I've never seen those 'eggs and bacon' ones before - love them!! I'm planning on parking in front of the telly this arvo too to watch the wedding - how exciting!! x

  4. your jonnies are out very early, lucky you.
    It's been an exciting evening hasn't it.

  5. gorgeous flowers. The wedding was beautiful wasn't it. I had to set my u.s clock for 3am so that I wouldn't miss a thing.
    Have a great weekend

  6. Your Friday flowers are so stunning! Hope you have a lovely weekend! X


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